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FT4 and FT8 Spotting

The first requirement for spotting FT4 and FT8 is a working copy of WSJT-X.

After that, you will need a copy of Aggregator 6 , which has provision for relaying UDP spots from WSJT-X to the RBN. Then see Send FT8 Spots to the RBN.pdf, below.

And finally, because WSJT-X is a one-band-at-a-time app, you will need FT#StartUp.exe and its companion user manual FT#StartUpv1.pdf.

Files available for download:

FT#StartUp v1.1.exe
FT#StartUp v1.1.exe


Send FT8 Spots to the RBN.pdf
Send FT8 Spots to the RBN